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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Michael's Ashland room boxes, Wagner Künstlerschutz and 1:18

 Last Christmas Michael's sold MDF room boxes which I discovered work quite well with 1:18.  Very affordable during the half price sale, and they come in handy since vintage houses are quite expensive over here. They are unfinished, so I've had a lot of fun playing with different wallpapers.  They provided the perfect home for my small collection of Wagner Künstlerschutz animals which are really cute with some of the smaller, and simpler furniture, such as Danish Hanse and British Dol-Toi, Twiggs and Barton.


First house

- it is actually two room boxes which I joined.

Sometimes the inhabitants hear faint music coming from the attic...

Bathroom mostly Dol-Toi

Bedroom mostly Dol-Toi, Bed is Lisa

Hanse bunkbed

Tofa sofa and chair with vintage fabric

Twiggs kitchen


Second house

Dol-Toi beds, Tofa chair

Hanse bookcase, reupholstered and painted Tofa chairs, and Dol-Toi sideboard

Dol-Toi and Barton - The kitchen pieces have been repainted by somebody, but it worked with my theme.

Third house

This is a rare pink/pastel theme for me!

Hanse bed, Dol-Toi chest of drawers and dressing table.

Hanse and Dol-Toi

Mostly Hanse, Dol-Toi stool.