Saturday, November 10, 2018

1984 Lisa Chalet

The second house I've bought is another Danish Lisa house - the huge chalet! Unfortunately it arrived damaged, so I've had to add extra screws and glue it together in places.  It will be fun adding all the furniture!

Now with furniture:

 I scanned the sliding door and printed a lower wall to keep the horses in.

For some of the following pictures I played around with the sliding wall that is meant to go in front of the stables and another white panel I had - to try closing in the house a bit more for more realistic looking pictures.  I'm considering making wall with a window out of cardboard. That way I can use another curtain - this house only has two windows.

1960s Lundby neutral colors

Two new dollhouses have arrived in my collection, this is one of them - a wonderful vintage Lundby house.  I have decided that I will use all the things in this dollhouse that remind me of my childhood home.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I just love all the different variations of the Lisa curtains - here are the ones I've collected so far.

Not sure if this one above is original...

My absolute favourite!!!

Latest addition.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


These old metal telephones are great.  The two middle ones are Hanse, and the others are a little different.

1960s Lisa Economy

My latest purchase - a Lisa Economy house (no electricity, no doors, no stairs). It is a mix of early and late Lisa furniture plus a few Lundby and Lerro pieces in the kitchen. Still a work in progress :)

 There's no electricity in this economy house, but I've added a few lamps for looks anyway.

 The roof is so low that the upper cabinet doesn't fit above any of the kitchen units, so I had to set up this kitchen a bit differently.  This kitchen is mostly Lundby/Lerro, and I may eventually put a Lisa kitchen here, but for now I really like this color cabinets with this house.

 Lisa bedroom

One of the very rare Lisa dolls - the only one I have.

Unconfirmed Lisa green "leather" living room set, Lisa bookcases and a rare Lisa lamp.

More recent Lisa bedroom pieces.  'm still hoping to find the stool that matches the fabric on the bed one day.

I was really excited to get this dining room set, it doesn't turn up for sale very often.