Wednesday, July 4, 2018


These old metal telephones are great.  The two middle ones are Hanse, and the others are a little different.

1960s Lisa Economy

My latest purchase - a Lisa Economy house (no electricity, no doors, no stairs). It is a mix of early and late Lisa furniture plus a few Lundby and Lerro pieces in the kitchen. Still a work in progress :)

 The roof is so low that the upper cabinet doesn't fit above the sink, so I had to set up this kitchen a bit differently.

 Lisa bedroom

Unconfirmed Lisa green "leather" living room set, Lisa bookcases and a rare Lisa lamp.

More recent Lisa bedroom pieces.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

1950s Hanse

My latest purchase and a new favorite! I'm guessing that it might be from the late 50s. Lundby had the spiral staircase in the late 50s, so maybe this one is from around the same time.  It's definitely heavier and chunkier like the older dollhouses.

 Unfortunately someone has painted some of the rooms, but it's not a very common house, and when you find a person who is willing to ship abroad you can't be too picky, and at least the brick wall is still original and the spiral staircase is there.

The chimney is not original.  I love the color of the roof.

Since I like this house much more than my mid to late 80s Hanse, all the Hanse furniture got transferred.  This means that all the furniture in this house is Hanse furniture, and the curtains and lamps are Lisa/Lundby.

 This is actually the bathroom, but I don't have any more Hanse bathrooms, and it works great as a little children's room.

 On the back of the house there is a balcony

Living room with the original brick wall and one of my latest find - the curtains!

 Downstairs bedroom

 Hallway/dining room

Kitchen - in this house the entire kitchen fits. In the newer Hanse house, there is not enough room on the back wall.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

1975 Hanse

I love the wallpapers in this house - so cheerful.  I hope that I will find more Hanse furniture to fill this house along the way - I have some specific things in mind, but with Hanse furniture you have to be patient!

The house actually didn't survive the journey from Denmark and arrived in bits.  Luckily I managed to glue it all back together again, as you can see.

 This is the most complete room - a Hanse kitchen and Hanse furniture.  The fabric on the blue set is so cute!

 Hanse bed, dressing table and bedside tables - Lisa ceiling lamp and curtains.

One of my latest acquisitions - this Lisa lamp which I'd never come across before other than in the old catalogs.  I am hoping to get some Hanse furniture for this room, but at the moment it seems like my package is lost :(

Update - the parcel arrived, after nearly two months! With my new Hanse living room furniture!

 Living room is mostly Lisa. Hanse telephone and TV.

 Still trying out new floors - the blue floors were a bit too... blue...  The bathroom is mostly Lundby, but the cabinet and dresser is Hanse. Unfortunately the back wall has a some glue residue.

Hanse dining room and a rare Hanse floor lamp

1980s Hanse - the last Hanse house (mid to late 80s)

 This is what the house looked like when I got it.  The lamps are German, so I pulled those out, and I decided to cover the bedroom walls - I am not too fond of pink.  It's not a permanent makeover, so I can always remove the paper.

This was some of the first furniture I tried out.

 All Hanse furniture

Instead of having a patio, I've decided that this space should be a sunken living room. Hanse furniture, and Lisa lamp.

 Hanse dining room furniture. And a rare Hanse lamp.

This family will have to do without a bathroom as I've decided to make a children's room in this space!  The furniture is all Hanse.  The bed does not have the original bedding, but the bedding is Hanse fabric that I was lucky to find in a lot of furniture I bought.

I've tried all my different Hanse bedroom sets in this space - this is what it looks like at the moment - and I might change it again.

 Hanse kitchen and seating - the room is not wide enough to fit a fridge!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

1969 Lundby updated pictures

I have added new pictures to the 1969 Lundby post which is mostly furnished with Danish Sallingboe furniture.  Click on the link on the right side of the page to see all the pictures.

The chair shown is Arkitekt J. Udd, but fits so well with all the Sallingboe pieces.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

1970s Lundby Dolls

I have been trying to collect all the dolls from the 1974 catalogs, and by now only a few bits of clothing are missing.

Women - Mona


These were not in the 1974 catalog, they didn't appear until 1975. They have black shoes instead of red.

Men - Robert (I'm still missing the bathrobe for number 3, he has a towel instead for now)

This one appeared in 1975

Boy - Peter

This one appeared in the 1975 catalog

 Girl - Marie (number one missing her belt)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

1969 Flat roof Lundby

I was telling my boyfriend that I really wasn't going to buy any more dollhouses.  I only had two on my wish list (I'm trying to limit myself by only buying 1:16/18 scale houses that have a different construction from what I have already, and they also have to be old).  As a result it would be highly unlikely that I would come across any of them, I promised.  The very next day one of the two turned up on eBay - needless to say I had to buy it!

I've decided to furnish it with mostly Sallingboe furniture, plus a few added Lundby pieces. Dolls are Jenny's Home.

 I recently got a Sallingboe bench which is a church pew style bench.  I put it in place of the sofa I previously had in the kitchen.

 Chair was a lucky find by Arkitekt J. Udd

 This set doesn't feel like Sallingboe quality, but they are fine for rooftop garden furniture.

 Thee different Sallingboe fabrics - the one on the left is from my childhood dollhouse.

 The brand name

Below are older pictures - the house dressed up for Christmas