Sunday, December 17, 2017

1970s Lundby Dolls

I have been trying to collect all the dolls from the 1974 catalogs, and by now only a few bits of clothing are missing.

Women - Mona


These were not in the 1974 catalog, they didn't appear until 1975. They have black shoes instead of red.

Men - Robert (I'm still missing the bathrobe on number 4, he has a towel instead for now)

This one appeared in 1976

Boy - Peter

This one appeared in the 1975 catalog

 Girl - Marie (number one missing her belt)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

1969 flat roof Lundby

I was telling my boyfriend that I really wasn't going to buy any more dollhouses.  I only had two on my wish list (I'm trying to limit myself by only buying 1:16/18 scale houses that have a different construction from what I have already, and they also have to be old).  As a result it would be highly unlikely that I would come across any of them, I promised.  The very next day one of them turned up on eBay - needless to say I had to buy it!

I've decided to furnish it with mostly Sallingboe furniture, plus a few added Lundby pieces. Dolls are Jenny's Home.

Monday, October 30, 2017

1975 Lisa of Denmark

I already had an 80s version of this house, but I found the wallpapers a bit dull, so when this appeared on eBay, I couldn't resist, and even better, two extension floors came up for sale as well!

Almost all the furniture and almost all the lamps in this house is original Lisa of Denmark.  All the accessories are picked up here and there.  Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Men trying to slice a cake 😉 

The birds are a Fimo copy I made of the ones I had as a child - they are called Busy Birdie and were designed by Hans Gustav Ehrenreich.  They are a kind of mobile hanging from a spring, so they bounce up and down when touched.

Not much Lisa in the garage - it's just a fun little project where I'm trying to recreate a messy storage space since there never was a Lisa car.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

1963 Brio Alphyddan

My latest purchase - Alphyddan!


I'm still working on this one, but the progress so far:

 Minimii chairs - I wish they were the same size as the original Brio chairs, the new ones are really too small to match other Lundby/Brio/Lisa furniture.  I made the lamp/mirror myself.

 Brio living room set.

 The study.  A Lundby desk, and Cadovius shelving (I made the shelving system myself).

I was excited to get a butterfly chair for the office - I really like this dark green color!

Here is a closeup of the shelves, since Catharina was interested in seeing how I made them - now I notice that some of the books are upside down, though!!!

 Brio bathroom units, Lundby mirror and lamp.

 I love the Lime green kitchen from Lundby, here mixed with a couple of Brio pieces and a Jenny's Home girl.

1970s Hanse



 The roof extension floor.


My 70s flat-roof Hanse with the garden extension floor.  The furniture is a mix of many different brands, chosen mainly for the colours.  An extended Flagg family lives here.

Older pictures:

The colour of the swimming pool matches the aqua Lundby kitchen!